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Beauty Sleep – Why It Matters to Skin Health

When it comes to your skin’s health, if you don’t snooze, you lose. Without enough restful sleep, your skin can lose its vibrant healthy tone. And you lose a natural no-cost way to optimize your appearance. March is more

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3 Ways Your Hands Show Age, and What You Can Do about It

You accomplish so much with your hands. It’s easy to forget just how fragile the skin is — especially on the backs. We constantly subject our hands to damaging solar rays, drying cleansers and chemicals, and the ongoing more

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Dandruff – How you get it and how to get rid of it

Do you get flaky in February? After several cold months of dry indoor heat, do you notice tiny white flakes in your hair?  Or on your shoulders when you wear a black sweater?  Your scalp’s become flaky because more

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5 Ways to Doll Up in Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming, bringing images of hearts, roses and romance. It may have you thinking about how to look your best for a special someone, whether your significant other, a crush or someone not yet met. Perhaps more

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Warts and all – Tackling a skin care New Year’s resolution

If you’ve got warts, getting rid of them should be near the top of your New Year’s Resolutions. The good news is that unlike dieting or decluttering, proper treatment of warts is simple. Just make an appointment more

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Smooth by Summer? Start Laser Hair Removal Now

Do you enjoy spending time shaving? Ripping hair out regularly with depilatory wax? Of course, you don’t; no one does! This helps explain why laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. When more

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How to get your winter skin “party ready” — fast

‘Tis the season… that takes a toll on your skin! Cold, harsh weather. Overheated rooms. Short, dark days. Holiday-related stress and overindulgence. It all shows in your skin. So how are you supposed to look your best for more

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‘Tis the Season to be Extra Careful About Burns

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire – ouch! It may be the most wonderful time of the year but sometimes people get so busy making merry that they can get careless and accidents can happen. Burns are one more

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Banish the Brown Spots in Time for the Holidays

Does removing skin discoloration from your face, neck, chest and hands sound appealing? Thankfully, you have a wide variety of effective options. All of the treatment options leave your skin sensitive to UV rays, so less sun and more

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Living with Psoriasis: Causes and Misconceptions

Very often, psoriasis issues start slowly, with just a few red or itchy spots on the skin. Yet, the amount of affected skin continues to increase over time. For some patients, the symptoms may become unmanageable. Eventually, they more

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Can’t Burn It Off? Freeze Away Fat with CoolSculpting

Hate the love handles? Prefer a single chin, not double? Want to flatten that spare tire? Some pockets of fat can seem impossible to eliminate using the traditional one-two method of diet plus exercise. Liposuction has offered a fast, more

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Free Your Legs from Unsightly Veins

Got grey ropes of bulging veins marring your calves? Roadmaps of spidery red and purple lines zigzagging around your upper legs? No need to suffer embarrassment or cover up in long pants and maxi dresses. As summer draws more

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Freckles and Age Spots – How to Zap Them Away and Keep Them at Bay

Freckles – those flecks of golden brown splashed across your face and chest – may have been with you since childhood. Maybe they were cute then but perhaps not now? Or maybe telltale splotches of brown have emerged more

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6 Ways to “Cheat” Your Way to a Slimmer Beach Bod

Ready or not, summer is here with its revealing clothes, calorie-packed BBQs and picnics, and swimwear. If you’re one of the many Americans who find it far easier to put pounds on than take them off, the season more

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Rethink Your Ink: Laser Tattoo Removal

How to Ditch That Old Tattoo

Is tattoo regret keeping you from enjoying swimsuit season? Maybe you’re no longer passionate about Lord of the Rings and feel silly with a map of Middle Earth on your chest? Or you more

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How to Prevent Summer Acne Flare-Ups – Top Dermatologist Tips and Suggestions

The joys of summer can be dimmed by acne flare-ups brought on by summer heat and humidity. Emerging from a pool, lake or the ocean in a swimsuit, one’s hair swept back from the water, can be a more


October 2014 Newsletter

This October, learn more about procedures for fresh, youthful skin.* Find out more about available treatments along with the latest news, events and promotions from California Skin Institute.*

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August 2014 Newsletter

August 2014

As the school year approaches, finding a way to maintain clean, healthy-looking skin is essential.* Find out some tips on how to do so along with recent news, events and promotions from California Skin Institute.*

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