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5 Ways to Doll Up in Time for Valentine’s Day

Posted on: January 31st, 2019 by Shany Batbold

Valentine’s Day is coming, bringing images of hearts, roses and romance. It may have you thinking about how to look your best for a special someone, whether your significant other, a crush or someone not yet met. Perhaps more importantly, the holiday of love offers a welcomed excuse to show yourself some love and attention, while keeping up the self-improvement momentum from New Year’s.*

Look and feel your most seductive by scheduling some high-impact, zero-downtime cosmetic treatments for yourself. Act soon to see fast, beautiful results in time for the big night.*

#1 – Plump up your lips

There’s nothing that says “kiss me” better than pouty, pillowy lips. Give your smoochers a more enticing look with dermal fillers. Composed mainly of hyaluronic acid — a substance found naturally in your skin — fillers provide immediate volume and last anywhere from several months to more than a year.*

For a natural-looking boost, try a smoother, more pliable formula like Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra XC or Volbella. Prefer to go fuller and more dramatic? Consult an expert to see which product may be the right option for you. Post-injection swelling and bruising is unusual and, if it does happen, is normally minor enough to cover easily with makeup. Just in case, give yourself 10 – 12 recovery days.

#2 – Freshen your complexion

Glow even when you step away from the candlelight, by enlivening the skin with select aesthetician treatments. A facial mask is beautifying on top of feeling like a decadent Valentine’s Day gift you give yourself. It nourishes your skin with reparative peptides and other nutrients, while relieving stress and stimulating blood flow through relaxing massage. You can boost the effects, sending the active ingredients deeper into the skin, by receiving your mask after an exfoliating treatment.

One of the most popular exfoliation methods is the chemical peel treatment with an Aesthetician.  It speeds new cell production,

clears pores, and removes dead and dying skin to uncover a fresher, more radiant complexion. For a couple days afterwards, minor flaking may occur as your skin continues the process of renewal.*

Microdermabrasion is another quick and effective way to exfoliate. The classic method uses crystals to loosen damaged cells and then suctions them away. DermaSweep, a new and exciting microdermabrasion technology, works similarly. Instead of crystals, however, the device has tiny bristles that can be adjusted according to the unique needs of each skin area to reveal healthy, dewy skin.*

#3 – Smooth out the wrinkles

Has anyone ever said to you, “Don’t make that face or it will stay that way”? Well, there’s some truth to it. Over time, repeat movements like frowning, squinting or knitting your brow can cause muscular structures to stay partially “bunched up,” forming wrinkles in the skin.

You can soften the look of many wrinkles — and help prevent new ones — by relaxing the underlying muscles with neurotoxin injections. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin smooth away signs of stress and time, including forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and, between the eyes, the dreaded frown lines or “11s”. Effects begin to set in within five days, show fully after two weeks. You’re left with smoother skin, better at displaying only the age and emotions you actually feel.*

#4 – Prevent nervous sweating

Valentine’s Day can be exciting and also a little nervous-making. For some of us, this means becoming sweaty — not usually the best way to make a good impression or get intimate. If you’re worried about sweating too much (hyperhidrosis), injections of Botox, can curb the wetness. Neurotoxins work by blocking the nerves that activate sweat glands in your armpits. Or meet with your provider for a consult about Miradry, FDA cleared to treat hyperhidrosis with amazing long-term results!

#5 – Bat those (longer) lashes

Lush lashes are all the better for flirting! Grow your eyelashes darker, fuller, longer with Latisse, the first and only FDA-approved treatment to promote eyelash growth. You simply apply once a day so its active ingredient, bimatoprost, can extend your lashes’ growth phase. Start right away, since it takes a month before seeing results. Then coquettishly bat those youthful, ever so dramatic lashes!*

Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity for self-pampering and improvement. Whether you’re doing it for you or for someone special, make an appointment with a top expert to help you look and feel your sexy best.

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.