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Ultherapy for Wrinkles

To help patients tighten skin on the face and neck, California Skin Institute providers may suggest Ultherapy treatments, which can achieve dramatic improvements after just one session.* This revolutionary treatment option has become a more


Non Invasive Treatments for Brown Spots

If you’ve noticed brown spots on your skin, you’re not alone. Although such spots can be symptoms of skin cancer or other serious health conditions, in many cases they are cosmetic issues that occur from more


Minimally-Invasive Hair Restoration

When patients visit California Skin Institute for hair treatment options, they typically have many questions about the best cure for baldness in their situation. Should they take oral medication for the problem, like Propecia? Should more


How Hair Restoration Surgery Works

When visiting California Skin Institute for hair restoration, some patients choose hair transplant surgery as a long term solution to hair loss.* This treatment option is designed to provide long term improvements by surgically transplanting more