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Minimally-Invasive Hair Restoration

Posted on: November 20th, 2015 by California Skin Institute

When patients visit California Skin Institute for hair treatment options, they typically have many questions about the best cure for baldness in their situation. Should they take oral medication for the problem, like Propecia? Should they have hair transplantation surgery? Will a special diet work? Is there a cure for baldness that actually works and shows good outcomes? These are very common questions, and California Skin Institute providers have helped thousands of patients over the years who have become frustrated with ineffective at-home cures for baldness, and finally decided to seek professional help.*

Is a Minimally-Invasive Option Right for You?

One of the first things our providers take into account when working with a new patient is whether a minimally-invasive approach is an option.*

Certainly hair restoration surgery can be a highly-effective solution, and California Skin Institute we have some of the most highly-regarded experts in the field.* However, we always strive to help our patients find minimally-invasive treatment options whenever possible; especially when hair loss is still in the early stages.*

Propecia for Baldness

Another treatment option for baldness is Propecia; a prescription medication created to reduce the process of follicle miniaturization in men (and some post-menopausal women).*

The main idea behind Propecia for hair loss is to target DHT, a hormone which is a byproduct of testosterone. Individuals with a hereditary sensitivity to this hormone are more likely to experience baldness, as DHT blocks blood flow to hair follicles, causing them to become starved of nutrients. This leads to longer follicle resting phases, and eventually destroys the follicle.

By targeting DHT, Propecia may be able to slow down the rate of hair loss in men.*

Setting up Your Consultation

To learn more about minimally-invasive treatments for baldness, please schedule your consultation by calling a California Skin Institute practice near you. Or simply fill out the Contact Form to schedule online!

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.