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Treating Warts

If you’ve noticed bumps on your skin, you may be dealing with warts. Here at California Skin Institute we’ve helped many patients by removing warts with very little discomfort.* If you think you have warts, it’s a good more


How Much Hair do You Want?

Hair plays a vital role in how we look and how others perceive us. It’s such an interesting aspect of our appearance, because it can communicate so many things with subtle, but instantaneous cues. As such, many patients more

In The News

CSI Continues to Expand in Southern California

California Skin Institute (CSI) is pleased to announce the merger of its two Encinitas (San Diego) offices into a single location. As one location, Yardy Tse, MD, Ali Lashgari, MD, and their clinical staff will provide more


Struggling with Hives

If you’ve ever experienced hives, you know how frustrating this condition can be. Characterized by itchy spots that seem to appear out of nowhere, hives can cause a lot of discomfort and anxiety. To help you better understand more


Laser Skin Resurfacing

When patients visit California Skin Institute for laser skin resurfacing treatments, they often have many questions about the procedure. Can these treatments get rid of hyperpigmentation? Can laser skin resurfacing reduce wrinkles? Is there any down time? These more