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Tattoo Removal

California Skin Institute providers have performed many tattoo removal procedures over the years.* Although, tattoos are typically a way to express oneself or to honor a family member, there is still quite a bit of social stigma surrounding more


Skin Tightening on Your Lunch Break

One of the reasons why skin tightening treatments are so important in achieving aesthetic goals is because loss of skin elasticity has multiple effects on how we look.* Of course, one of the most noticeable aspects of inelastic more


Healthy Skin Diet

How is your current diet affecting your skin health? You’re probably familiar with the age-old saying “you are what you eat.” Unfortunately, too many people interpret this as being only applicable to their general health and don’t realize more


How to Remove Belly Fat with No Downtime

Patients who visit California Skin Institute for belly fat treatments often express feelings of frustration and insecurity about this problem. They may exercise on a regular basis and eat in a healthy manner. But even though they more