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Treating Shingles

Here at California Skin Institute we help many patients who are suffering from Shingles. It’s a frustrating skin condition that can lead to significant discomfort, and even chronic pain. That’s why our providers will do everything possible to more


Beyond Your At Home Skin Care Routine

Here at California Skin Institute we work very hard to help each patient develop a personalized skin care routine.* Using the right tools and products on a daily basis can keep your skin healthy and slow the aging process.* more


Expert Skin Care Products vs. Drugstore Options

When it comes to using the best products in your skin care routine, it can sometimes be difficult to decide between a drugstore item and a professional skin care product. There are so many different ingredients out there, more


Importance of Your Skin Care Routine

Are you following the best skin care routine for your needs? This is a great question that California Skin Institute providers help patients answer on a daily basis.* One reason why this question is so important is because more