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How to Prevent and Treat Skin Irritation from Your COVID-19 Mask

As California reopens some outdoor recreational facilities and businesses, we will all likely be spending more time wearing our masks. Whether venturing out to the grocery store or going on a hike, donning a protective mask has become more


5 Things You Should Know About Skin Cancer Screenings

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. That means it’s time to schedule a skin cancer screening with one of our California Skin Institute board-certified dermatologists. Here are 5 things we would like you to know about skin cancer screenings: more


Protect Your Hands from the Effects of Frequent Washing

Wash your hands. That’s become the mantra of the coronavirus pandemic. And with good reason. Washing your hands – or using hand sanitizer – is one of the most important steps you can take to help protect yourself more

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California Skin Institute COVID-19 Update


California Skin Institute’s Response to the Shelter-In-Place order for counties in California:

California Skin Institute is considered an “essential business”

(see Shelter-In-Place details below)

Effective immediately, California more


6 Skincare Trends for 2020: Do They Work?

In the beauty scene of the 2010s, the rise of social-media fever put focus on whatever captured the most attention and likes. Trends that took off tended to be ones that performed well in selfies, blogs more


That Rash Around Your Mouth: All About Perioral Dermatitis

Recently, one of our California Skin Institute board-certified dermatologists saw a new patient with a challenging skin issue. A vibrant woman in her 40s, she was concerned about a circle of raised red spots surrounding her mouth.

“Doctor, what more


Oh, Your Itching Back – Coping with Notalgia Paraesthetica

Got an itch that won’t quit? Is it below your shoulder blades and you can’t quite reach it? Do you own a long-handled back scratcher or two?  Has repeated scratching created brown patches on the itchy areas?

If you more


5 Body Contouring Treatments for Men

According to organizations like The Aesthetic Society and American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men across ethnic, age and income groups are increasingly turning to modern aesthetic technology for help achieving a more muscular physique.

The following five more


Hair Loss

Hair loss, or alopecia, can be frustrating for kids, teens and adults alike. To add to the frustration, there are many different reasons for hair loss, leading to different management and expectations for regrowth. A visit to more


Realize Your 2020 Vision for Younger-Looking Eyes

Gaze into your crystal ball for 2020. Do you see fresh, youthful eyes looking back at you? Make this vision into your reality for the New Year. There are exciting and effective treatments that can help you achieve more


Don’t Try These 5 Trendy Skincare Gadgets at Home!

Take a little cruise around Instagram and YouTube, and it’s easy to catch “DIY fever.” Women with perfect skin tout the benefits of one hot consumer “medical” treatment device or another. You can also watch demos showing how more


A Timely Message About Your Skin and Vitamin D

One of December’s special days is Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year and the official start of winter. As daylight reaches its shortest point, it’s time to be mindful of balancing your skin’s need for sun more


XTRAC, CSI’s Tool to Tame Psoriasis

Whether it’s National Psoriasis Awareness Month or any other month, for the 8 million Americans who suffer from recurring psoriasis, it’s not like putting away Christmas decorations. Psoriasis is an unrelenting condition that follows no calendar dates. It more


Ask the Dermatologist: Men’s Hair Loss & Skincare

Men and women can experience the same basic dermatological issues. However, there are certain challenges that men face more often or with far greater intensity. California Skin Institute’s Dr. Jennifer Sorrell, a triple board-certified dermatologist, gives advice more


Fall Is Laser Season — 5 Beauty Goals to Start on Now

This is the ideal time of year to seek laser treatment — whether to even out your complexion, smooth and rejuvenate skin, or get rid of unwanted fat. After treatment, skin will be highly photosensitive and the healing more


New Survey Finds Skin Cancer Procedures Outnumber Cosmetic Procedures

New survey data from The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) reports that in 2018, skin cancer procedures outnumbered every type of cosmetic dermatology treatment.

Although cosmetic procedures are on the rise with laser/light procedures running a close second in more


Ask the Dermatologist: Caring for Your Little One’s Skin

Many a parent has looked at the large section of baby skincare products in their local pharmacy or Target and been overwhelmed by the vast selection. In addition, there seem to be countless blogs, each with a mind-boggling more


When One Chin Is Enough: 4 Ways to Slim It Down

You may have noticed a double chin just starting to form. Or perhaps it seems to have always been there. Either way — whether caused by genetics, weight gain, loose or aging skin, or a combination — you don’ more


Ask the Dermatologist: Acne Skincare Advice

When you’re battling acne, it’s important to make sure your products and practices aren’t contributing to the problem. How do you choose the right over-the-counter (OTC) products and self-care to complement your dermatologist-prescribed regimen?

California Skin Institute’s Dr. more


What Not to Do If You Get Sunburned

Sunburn happens.  Beach days, boat rides, baseball games that go into extra innings. Good times and good memories. Sometimes you have so much fun in the sun that you forget to reapply sunscreen and you end up sunburned. more


Is the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Right for You?

The 10-step Korean skincare regimen is being splashed all over social media, blogs and the beauty magazines. Many beauty editors, other influencers and Korean women are touting it as the best way to achieve taut, silky, flawless skin — more


Ask the Dermatologist: Looking Your Best as Your Skin Ages

As the years go by, our appearance changes and matures. How does the passage of time affect our skin? Are there products available that are more appropriate for the mature consumer? How do we navigate the seemingly endless more


Summer Safety Skin Tips

Beach picnics, backyard barbecues, kids running barefoot through the sprinklers. These are the joys of summer. Until uninvited guests show up. Yellow jackets may attack anyone who interferes with their beeline for the food. Ticks may lurk along more


10 Ways You May Be Making Your Acne Worse – And What To Do Instead

Trying your best to take care of your acne but still getting breakouts? For this month, we are highlighting ways you may be aggravating your acne without realizing it and ways to help mitigate the problem.

  1. Washing your face more


Look Fresh after the Flight — 6 Skin-Saving Strategies

Look Fresh after the Flight — 6 Skin-Saving Strategies

You don’t need a doctor to tell you that air travel stresses your body — especially your skin! Even on the best and shortest of flights, it’s normal to arrive more