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When One Chin Is Enough: 4 Ways to Slim It Down

Posted on: September 3rd, 2019 by Shany Batbold

You may have noticed a double chin just starting to form. Or perhaps it seems to have always been there. Either way — whether caused by genetics, weight gain, loose or aging skin, or a combination — you don’t need to accept what you don’t like.*

If you’re just starting to see the signs, you can try targeted exercises (face yoga) and self massage meant to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Some bloggers swear by these techniques. If you do them frequently enough, you may see some subtle improvement.*

If your extra chin is more stubborn or extreme, however, there are five paths you can take to get rid of it for good.*

Freeze It Down 

You’ve probably heard of CoolSculpting, the revolutionary non-invasive technology that freezes fat away permanently. What you may not know is that it works wonders on a double chin!*

Using the special CoolMini or CoolPetite applicator, your CoolSculpting expert can focus in on the extra chin to eliminate unwanted fat cells while leaving surrounding skin, muscles and nerves intact. After two sessions, most patients already start to see a noticeable difference. Little to no downtime.*

One advantage to choosing CoolSculpting is that you can get rid of other unwanted fat while you’re at it! Belly, upper arm, love handles, bra strap, thigh… virtually anywhere.*

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Schedule four sessions or more and save up to $1,700!


Zap It Away

A major contributor to your chin #2 may be loose skin. If you remove the extra submental fat, this could become especially clear. Consider treatment to firm up your skin with any of a host of exciting, state-of-the-art rejuvenation technologies, including:*

  • Ultrasound waves — The only cosmetic procedure of its kind, Ultherapy stimulates new collagen production at the foundational tissue level. The result is stronger, tighter facial, submental and neck skin.*
  • Non-ablative laser — Rather than removing the top layers of skin like an ablative laser, this technology uses intense laser light to build collagen and remodel skin at the deeper levels. The Fraxel Laser is a fractional non-ablative erbium-based laser that permeates deeply into the skin for a firmer face, neck and chin.*
  • Radio frequency technologyTrusculpt and ThermiTight offer a two-pronged attack on the second chin. They address sagging by stimulating new collagen production and, at the same time, they provide light fat removal and contouring.*

Suck It Out

Neck liposuction (lipo) is the tried-and-true method to remove substantial submental fat permanently, getting it over with in one surgical procedure. And the technology keeps getting better.*

Through tiny incisions under the earlobes and chin, your doctor injects a fluid to loosen the fat then suctions it out using a very thin straw (cannula). After a few days of recovery, you already start to see results and the full effect shows within a year. In some cases, liposuction can leave skin slightly looser, so many patients combine it with a subdermal firming laser treatment for post-procedure collagen-building and tightening.*

“Laser lipo” is another way to achieve dramatic results with just one treatment, using a device such as the Smartlipo TPX with PrecisionTx (Sidelaze). It’s gaining in popularity because, compared to traditional liposuction, it’s not as invasive, requires less downtime and is performed with only local anesthesia.*

The procedure delivers multi-wavelength laser beams deep into your chin skin and fat via an extremely narrow straw fed through tiny, discreet punctures. The laser bursts the fat cells and liquefies them, then your doctor gently suctions them out. As the laser works on your fat, it also stimulates collagen growth for tighter tissue and helps seal blood vessels to reduce bruising, bleeding and swelling. Most patients notice immediate double-chin reduction, with continued improvement over the following several months.*

Surgically Remove It 

Surgery works particularly well for patients who want to remove substantial extra skin, plus fat along with it. The best procedure for you depends on your specific double-chin challenge. If you want to tighten skin and reduce fat only under the chin and on the upper neck, then a simple submentoplasty may suffice.

However, be sure to let your plastic surgeon know if you also want to get rid of jowling, neck bands (platysmal bands), recessive chin, large quantities of neck fat, or signs of aging in the lower face. Surgeries to address these problems can easily be combined with submentoplasty, using shared incisions and producing superior overall results.*



Ready for a Sleeker Chin?

“Two chins are better than one,” said no one ever. If you’re serious about paring it down to one, schedule an appointment with an experienced, board-certified physician. They can help determine the optimal course of action for your chin and goals, and deliver the best results while minimizing risk. Then it’s up to you how to celebrate your cleaner, leaner jawline.*


* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.