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Breast Lift as Part of a Mommy Makeover

Posted on: April 1st, 2015 by California Skin Institute

When considering a mommy makeover, many women become curious about breast lift surgery and the outcomes that can be achieved with this procedure. When considering a mommy makeover, many women become curious about breast lift surgery and the outcomes that can be achieved with this procedure.* It is a very common question patients address to California Skin Institute, as one of the longest lasting effects of pregnancy are experienced in the breasts.* For example, some women may gain weight but have favorable genetics that allow them to eventually lose the weight through diet and exercise. Others may opt for a c-section during pregnancy, which reduces some of the potential damage to vaginal muscles, and the consequent need for a vaginoplasty. However, the effects on the breasts are unique, as almost all women experience changes in the shape of their breasts due to weight gain and breastfeeding.


Breast Lift to Correct Effects of Pregnancy

Pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding can cause significant changes in how the breasts look.* For example, with an increase in weight, it becomes much more difficult for the skin holding the breast tissue to resist gravity.* This changes the original shape of the breast and the position of the nipple.*

Further, regular breastfeeding (especially after several pregnancies) can stretch out the areola, causing it to appear larger and to lose its original shape.*

A properly-performed breast lift can significantly reduce these effects.* From changing the position and size of the areola, to changing the shape of the breast itself; California Skin Institute surgeons have helped many women restore their youthful, natural appearance and reverse the lingering effects of pregnancy.*

How a Breast Lift is Performed

For the breast lift procedure to be successful, it must be performed by a surgeon who is experienced with the effects of skin tightening and can customize the process to your unique needs.* For some women the biggest complaint is the change in the nipple position.* They are happy with the overall shape of their breasts, but feel that after pregnancy and breastfeeding their nipple now appears too low. Others may even experience a change in the position of one nipple relative to the other, creating an unbalanced look.*

To correct this problem, California Skin Institute doctors often use a periareolar breast lift.* This procedure involves incisions around the areola itself, with the surrounding breast tissue remaining largely untouched.* The surgeon will make a small incision around the areola, reduce its size if necessary, and re-attach it at a higher position.* This will also pull the bottom portion of the breast upward, creating a lifting effect.*

However, although the periareolar breast lift has the least amount of scarring, it is also limited to how much it can lift the breast.* Typically, this procedure can be used to move up the areola by a few inches.* This is because the skin of the areola is quite thin, and moving it too far upward can create significant pulling on the nipple, creating lackluster outcomes.*

For women who need a more dramatic lift, California Skin Institute surgeons perform either the lollipop breast lift or the anchor style breast lift.* Unlike the periareolar lift, these are made with more incisions with the goal of providing more support at the bottom of the breast, so that the areola and the nipple experience less tension after the surgery.*

Effects of Breast Lift Surgery

The effects of breast lift surgery can be truly stunning when performed by an experienced surgeon, and can help a woman reclaim her body after pregnancy.* However, it is not simply a matter of repositioning the areola and reducing the appearance of sagginess, but to sculpt the breast in a way that complements a woman’s natural anatomy.* Further, careful consideration must be given to the types of incisions made during breast lift surgery.*

There is a direct tradeoff between the amount of lift that a surgeon can achieve and the scarring that may appear afterward.* Therefore, it is vital that a surgeon only uses the optimal number of incisions so as to minimize scarring and avoid unnecessarily lengthy recovery times.*

Lastly, the final effects of breast lift surgery will also depend on the suturing techniques used during the procedure.* At California Skin Institute we often use a suturing method wherein strong, dissolving sutures are used at the deeper layers of the skin, while thinner sutures are used at the uppermost layer.* This ensures that the effects of the breast lift will last longer, while at the same time minimizing scars.*

Breast Lift Scars and Recovery

The first two weeks after breast lift surgery are crucial for optimal recovery.* It’s important to avoid lying on your stomach and to limit physical exertion.*

Patients will also notice the presence of scars after the procedure.* It’s important to remember that it’s impossible to avoid scarring during this procedure, but scars fade significantly over time.* For example, after just one month, you will be able to easily tell where the incision was made, but as the skin heals, these scars will fade dramatically and become smaller.*

For more information about breast lift surgery or to see if this procedure is right for you, give us a call or click on the scheduling link below to set up your consultation!

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.