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CoolSculpting for Men

Posted on: February 26th, 2015 by California Skin Institute

Is CoolSculpting Right for Men?

Many male patients who visit California Skin Institute are concerned with troublesome pockets of fat around their abdomen.* They diet, exercise and try to live an overall healthy lifestyle, but some areas of fat seem just impossible to get rid of. These often include the love handles (pockets of fat on your sides) and stubborn belly fat.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that can be used to target these areas in a minimally invasive way, with virtually no discomfort.*

However, beyond being non-invasive, the most appealing aspect of fat loss achieved through CoolSculpting is that the improvements can be long lasting, especially when complemented with exercise and healthy diet.* Of course, changes in diet and exercise could negatively affect the long term outcomes – but barring any major lifestyle changes.*1

How CoolSculpting Works

The basic premise behind CoolSculpting is quite simple; it helps patients address troublesome fat areas by fat cells through gentle cooling.* This gradual cooling of the fat creates a mild freezing injury; leading the fat cells to become damaged beyond repair, and the fat tissue being removed from the body through natural processes over the course of several weeks thereafter.*


When a patient comes in for a CoolSculpting procedure, one of the things they quickly realize is that it’s virtually painless.* A special gel pad is placed over the treatment area to protect the skin, and the suction attachment then gently pulls the treatment area into a specialized attachment, which begins the cooling process.*

As the fat cells are cooled, no damage occurs to your skin or any other surrounding tissue.* This is because fat cells are more delicate than many other tissues in the body, and don’t require very low temperatures to be damaged.* Several weeks after the procedure, the patient will begin to notice decreases in the size of the treatment area, as the body removes the damaged fat cells.*

Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

In many ways, CoolSculpting is designed to provide long-lasting , without the fat returning to the original treatment site.* However, the long term outcomes will vary from patient to patient and will depend on many factors, including your lifestyle.* Here’s why:

CoolSculpting is very different from fat loss.* When you lose fat through diet and exercise, it can be difficult to keep the weight off, because losing weight causes your fat cells to shrink, but their presence in your body remains the same.*

On the other hand, CoolSculpting damages the fat cells; meaning that once these cells are gone from the treatment site, they cannot expand.* This is one of the features that has made CoolSculpting so popular with men who are dealing with trouble areas like love handles and belly fat which was not responsive to diet and exercise.*

How Effective is CoolSculpting for Men?

The will vary from patient to patient and may also vary based on the treatment area.*

However, the improvements can be stunning; creating a leaner appearance and a more pronounced V shape of the upper torso, achieving a greater contrast between the width of the shoulders and the width of the waistline.*


*Individual may vary and are not guaranteed.

For most patients, great outcomes can be achieved after just one treatment, but this largely depends on how large the troublesome area is to begin with.* If the trouble area is quite large, follow-up treatments may be necessary.*

Who is a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

*Individual may vary and are not guaranteed.

The best candidates for CoolSculpting are men who are already trying to live a healthy lifestyle.* It’s important that this procedure is not an alternative to fat loss, but a way to target specific areas that won’t go away with exercise.* So if you’re already trying to live a healthy lifestyle, trying to hit the gym regularly and eat healthier; then CoolSculpting can very well be the solution to give your health goals an added boost.*

Of course, to get the best , it’s important to discuss your aesthetic goals with a qualified provider who can help you develop an individualized treatment plan that gets you the most effective CoolSculpting.*

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with one of our providers, you can click here to find the location nearest you. We’ll do our best to fit you into the schedule and our providers will give you the personalized attention needed to achieve your aesthetic goals.*

Learn more about cosmetic and plastic surgery options specifically for men or schedule online today for a CoolSculpting!

*Individual may vary and are not guaranteed.

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