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DermaSweep Microdermabrasion – Q & A!

Posted on: May 29th, 2015 by California Skin Institute

“Increased blood circulation, increased oxygenation, collagen stimulation, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles…umm… getting rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation…There’s just so much that it can do!”* Tara was excitedly describing the DermaSweep machine she uses almost on a daily basis to help her clients improve skin health. Tara is one of the licensed Aestheticians at California Skin Institute, and sat down with me for a little Q&A about the DermaSweep technology that has become so popular in recent years.*

Q: You’ve worked with this technology for a while now. How does DermaSweep compare to traditional microdermabrasion?

Tara: The difference is pretty big. Traditional microdermabrasion usually works with crystals that scrub against the skin and dislodge dead or dying skin cells.* DermaSweep is different because it uses bristles instead of crystals. This lets me choose different tips for different types of skin.* So if a client needs a more coarse treatment I can use one tip, if it’s a more sensitive area, like around the eyes, then I can switch to a tip with gentler bristles.* It just gives me a lot more options and I can create a customized treatment plan for the client’s unique skin needs.* Also, with traditional microdermabrasion it’s a bit difficult to treat the skin around the eyes because of all the tiny crystals.* DermaSweep is a really big step forward in that regard.*

Q: You mentioned improved blood circulation with Derma Sweep. How does that work?

Tara: Sure, that’s a very important point. The circulation is stimulated because throughout the procedure the DermaSweep tip gently pulls on the skin through suctioning.* This stimulates circulation.* Also, blood flow is stimulated by the micro-scraping of the wand bristles which scrub the dead skin cells.* This is very helpful because more blood flow means that more nutrients and oxygen make it to skin cells, which in turn helps the cells to function better and keeps skin healthier.* One way, just as an example, is the improvement in collagen.* The increase in circulation and oxygenation can help strengthen the collagen in the skin, which promotes tighter skin and reduction of wrinkles over time.*

Q: You mentioned DermaSweep infusions. How does that work?

Tara: We can use the DermaSweep machine to infuse serums into the skin, and what that does is it helps the skin absorb much more of the serum and helps it penetrate deeper into the skin.* So it’s a more effective way to deliver serums into the skin and the penetration is much better than you could achieve if you simply add the serum to your skin with your fingers.* Plus, there are different types of serums we can use, including formulas to hydrate or brighten the skin, chemicals to encourage skin peeling and a variety of other ingredients, depending on a client’s specific needs.*

Q: How do you usually perform the infusions?

Tara: The DermaSweep infusion is typically combined with the exfoliation.* So first we’ll run the bristle tips to really exfoliate as much of the dead skin as possible.* The dead cells are vacuumed away through the same machine tip that performs the exfoliation.* This vacuuming helps keep pores clean.* Then we add the infusion.* With the dead skin gone, the infusion penetration will be much deeper and more effective.* Also clients usually notice better penetration of skin care products they use at home after the procedure, because a layer of the dead skin cells is gone.* And that’s a very good thing because it means that the at-home skin care products will also be more effective.*

Q: Who are the most typical clients for this procedure?

Tara: The best candidates for DermaSweep are usually individuals who have light wrinkles, hyperpigmentation issues, or scarring, just because it can be so helpful in those situations.* But it’s really a great tool for upkeep of healthy skin as well.* When clients start, they’ll usually come in once every two weeks.* After that they typically go on a schedule of upkeep sessions once every 4-6 weeks, to help maintain the improvement, depending on each patient’s unique situation, of course.* And that’s important because your skin cycle is about 28 days long, this of course varies form person to person, so it’s a good idea to come in for the exfoliation at the end of that cycle to help target the dead cells.*

Q: Does the treatment hurt?

Tara: Ha-ha! It’s actually quite gentle and some clients even doze off during the procedure.* It feels a lot like a scrubbing pad, and the part that clients love the most is the serum infusion afterwards, because it feels so cool on the skin.*

Q: Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. Do you have any final thoughts you want to share?

Tara: Hmm…A lot of the skin problems I see in clients tend to revolve around sun damage, and DermaSweep is effective at addressing that.* But what I tell my clients is to really invest in a good sun block and to use it regularly.* Many use makeup that has SPF protection, but that’s not always effective because no one wears makeup every single day, nor do they apply the enormous amount needed to actually provide effective sun protection.* Plus, just like regular sun block, makeup has to be reapplied regularly to be effective.* Unfortunately, sun damage is what leads to so many of the problems I end up targeting with DermaSweep.* So if you just invest the time and the effort into preventing skin damage in the first place, that will go a really long way to keeping your skin healthy.*

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