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Facials for Healthy Skin

Posted on: February 1st, 2016 by California Skin Institute

The beginning of a New Year is an exciting time for many people. The year is full of possibilities, as we’re all working toward achieving our new year’s resolutions.

Some of the most common resolutions have to do with working out to get into shape, and eating a healthier, balanced diet. But what about your skin? What can you do to take care of it better, give it nourishment, and fight skin damage?*

Here at California Skin Institute we help many patients keep their skin healthy by using customized facial treatments.* There are many options to choose from, and our expert aestheticians use their years of training and experience to create custom treatment plans based on your individual skin needs.*

Why are these facial treatments so important? Because using even the best creams and anti aging products isn’t enough to repair skin damage caused by UV radiation, pathogens and environmental factors – there’s a limit to what topical creams and serums can achieve.*

Regular facials go much further in keeping the skin healthy; much the same way as a regular exercise routine keeps the body healthy.*

Types of Facials

The expert aestheticians at California Skin Institute have helped thousands of patients over the years to look and feel their best with a wide range of minimally-invasive treatments.* The key is to carefully assess your skin and create a custom treatment plan that best addresses your specific needs.* Here are just some of the treatments performed by our expert aestheticians:*

  • DermaSweep Exfoliation: This treatment has become very popular with California Skin Institute patients because it can provide dramatic improvement in skin health with gentle exfoliation and serum infusion.* The DermaSweep device uses micro-bristles to gently scrape off layers of dead skin cells, which is helpful for reducing hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.* Further, less dead skin cells means your pores will remain cleaner and increased blood flow will keep the skin healthier from within.* At the end of the exfoliation, a number of serums can be infused deep into the skin, to promote damage repair.*
  • Acne Extraction: California Skin Institute aestheticians are experts at acne extractions.* They can help your acne heal faster and reduce pore clogging with meticulous extractions that cleanse the pores while reducing potential scarring and skin damage.*
  • Chemical Peels: An expertly-performed chemical peel can go a long way toward boosting skin health and improving texture.* For example, a glycolic peel can keep your pores healthy and stimulate exfoliation which reduces hyperpigmentation over time.* Our aestheticians can even administer stronger peels (like the TCA peel) to provide dramatic improvement in skin appearance after just one session.*
  • Face Masks: California Skin Institute aestheticians work hard to custom tailor face mask treatments to patients’ needs.* Whether your skin needs more hydration, antioxidants, exfoliation, or nourishment, our face mask treatments can achieve a number of goals and give your skin an added boost.*

Your Skin Care Routine

It’s difficult to overstate the benefits that regular facials can provide for your skin.* Many people view these treatments as something to do on special occasions; to pamper themselves once in a while.* But this mindset is absolutely wrong.*

Regular facials that provide exfoliation and nourish your skin cells with nutrients and antioxidants that can improve long term skin health.* These treatments can reduce hyperpigmentation, the appearance of wrinkles, address acne and so much more.* Most importantly, facials give your skin and added boost to help it stay resilient against the constant onslaught of UV radiation, bacteria and other environmental factors.*

Scheduling an Appointment is Easy

Do your skin a favor and schedule an appointment with a California Skin Institute aesthetician.* This will give you a chance to meet one of our highly qualified aestheticians who will create a customized treatment plan based on your needs, and will answer all of your questions.*

Simply call a California Skin Institute practice near you, or fill out the Contact Form to schedule online!

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.