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What to Know Before You Get a Facelift

Posted on: August 31st, 2016 by California Skin Institute

A facelift is a versatile procedure that can address a number of age-related issues, such as sagging skin, jowls, and jawline, among others. As Northern California’s largest private dermatology and cosmetic surgery practice, California Skin Institute has the honor of having helped many patients address such aging issues via facelift surgery.* However, when patients visit us for the first time, many don’t realize that a facelift doesn’t necessarily require an individual to undergo traditional surgery with general anesthesia.* Dr. Greg Morganroth has developed a variety of facial rejuvenation techniques that can produce dramatic improvements with smaller incisions and can be performed under local anesthesia!* One such technique is the Vertical Vector Facelift, which can improve patient comfort and reduce healing times.*

Vertical Vector Facelift

This technique was developed by Dr. Greg Morganroth in 2004 as an alternative to a traditional facelift.* What differentiates the Vertical Vector Facelift from the traditional technique is that the skin and underlying tissues are pulled upward, instead of backward and then up.* This approach makes the treatment a good option for individuals struggling with jowls, marionette lines, and other signs of aging in the lower face.*

Typically, the Vertical Vector Facelift is performed for patients who require surgical repositioning of the skin and underlying tissues in the lower face, and seek the dramatic rejuvenation of the traditional facelift without the distortion of the earlobes, wrinkles, and hairline.*

Benefits of the Vertical Vector Facelift

When performed by the expert providers at California Skin Institute, this procedure can yield improvement in appearance with reduced discomfort.* There are several reasons for this:

  • The Vertical Vector Facelift can address some of the biggest problems when it comes to an aged appearance in the face.* By removing the sagging look of jowls or excess skin, the procedure creates more contour around the jaw and a tighter appearance in the lower face.*
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, thus eliminating risks associated with general anesthesia.*
  • Because the treatment is mostly focused on addressing signs of aging in the lower part of the face, it requires smaller incisions, which increases post-operative comfort.* In fact, sutures are placed under the skin surface and the skin surface has a bandage made of special glue.* There aren’t any visible sutures.*

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Vertical Vector Facelift is that it produces a very natural outcome, because it doesn’t create significant horizontal tightening in the middle of the face typical of traditional horizontal lift techniques.* This leaves your face looking lifted and gives it more contour, but does not create an over-tightened or flat appearance.*

Further Boosting Facelift Results

For some patients, a facelift alone may not be enough to reach their desired improvements.* The face undergoes dramatic changes as we age, including a dramatic loss of facial volume, or significant weight gain.* Unfortunately, both of these issues affect the natural contours of the face and neck, and may need to be addressed in order to create a more youthful appearance.*

When a patient experiences significant facial volume loss, California Skin Institute providers may suggest combining a facelift with facial implants.* These implants are very durable and are made from medical grade silicone – a material that feels very natural.* When facial implants are used as part of a facelift procedure, they are implanted directly onto the bone, under the facial muscles.* Even small implants to enhance the jaw or the cheeks can significantly improve appearance by giving the face much-needed contour.*

For patients whose facial contours have been affected by excess weight gain, California Skin Institute providers may suggest combining a face lifting procedure with liposuction.* The technique removes excess fat around the chin and neck, and helps build aesthetically pleasing contours.* Further, our providers don’t just remove the excess fat, but use the opportunity to sculpt the area to create a balanced appearance.*

Taking the First Step

To find out if a facelift procedure is right for you, please schedule a consultation with one of our expert providers.* Simply call a California Skin Institute practice near you, or use the online scheduling portal now!

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.