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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Posted on: February 26th, 2015 by California Skin Institute

Laser Hair Removal for Men – the Top 5 Things to Know

It seems like only a few years ago treatments for excessive hair growth were only reserved for women. Spas, medical clinics and aestheticians focused all of their attention on the female consumer; promoting procedures like waxing and laser hair removal.

But the picture is very different today, with more and more men turning to laser hair removal as a means to get rid of unwanted hair on the chest, back or other problem areas.*

However, any guy looking at the possibility of laser hair removal should first understand how the process works and what outcomes are possible to achieve.*

#1 Laser Hair Removal is Painless

Many California Skin Institute patients are surprised at how painless this procedure actually is.* Many men have heard the horror stories about waxing and other painful treatments, and have shied away from laser hair removal because they think it will cause a painful burning sensation.* It’s a very understandable fear, especially for men who have significant hair growth all over the body.*

However, laser hair removal is virtually painless.* It is non-invasive; there are no incisions, syringes, tweezers or wax involved.*

#2 Laser Hair Removal is Fast

A laser hair removal procedure is fast, and requires virtually no down time.* Depending on the size of the treatment area, each session can take between 10 minutes to an hour.* Of course, multiple sessions are needed, but the relatively short treatments make it easier to squeeze this procedure into your schedule.*

The medical provider will carefully glide the specialized attachment around the treatment area; to ensure that no skin patches are missed, and that all hair follicles have been effectively targeted.* After the treatment, you can go back to your daily routine with no down time (but do try to not expose the treated area to the sun).*

#3 Laser Hair Removal Gives Long Lasting Results

Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal can create outcomes that last longer, with much slower and weaker hair re-growth.*1 The reason for this lies in the approach to hair removal; the energy in the laser damages hair follicles, causing hair growth to slow, because the follicle becomes less efficient at producing cells.*

For several weeks after the treatment, you may notice the hair beginning to shed.* However, for the best effect, more than one treatment may be necessary.*

Though results are long lasting, regular upkeep laser hair removal treatments can further help men keep the hair from coming back.*

#4 Almost Any Area Can be Treated

Men who visit California Skin Institute choose laser hair removal because it can easily target almost any area of the body.* Some choose to remove unwanted hair from the chest and back, while others are frustrated with excessive arm pit hair growth.*

However, because of the precision of laser hair removal tools, virtually any area of the body can be targeted effectively – it’s up to the patient’s individual aesthetic goals.*

#5 Potential Dangers

When men opt for laser hair removal, it’s important to note that it’s vital to work with a highly qualified medical professional who has experience with the equipment and the best treatment practices.* Though this procedure uses medical grade laser technology with many built-in precautions to prevent skin damage, an inexperienced provider can accidentally deliver too many laser bursts to the area by going over it too many times in one session.*

This is an important consideration, as too many laser bursts delivered to the skin can cause pigmentation problems, inflammation, and even skin damage.*

Problems can also arise if the cooling gel isn’t used properly during treatment.* Therefore, it is imperative for any men considering laser hair removal to work only with an experienced provider who is properly trained in the technique.*

Who is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Men who seek laser hair removal at California Skin Institute usually have excessive hair growth on the chest and/or back.* However, the meaning of “excessive” is up to each, individual patient, and our providers make sure to take an individualized approach, on a patient by patient basis.* Your aesthetic goals are your own, and we strive to help each patient seeking laser hair removal to look and feel their very best.*

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*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

References: 1. A comparison of two 810 diode lasers for hair removal: low fluence, multiple pass versus a high fluence, single pass technique. Koo B, Ball K, Tremaine AM, Zachary CB. 2014