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Leg Vein Laser Treatments

Posted on: June 29th, 2016 by California Skin Institute

Patients struggling with visible veins on the legs can benefit from a number of leg vein treatments offered by California Skin Institute (CSI).* Our providers are experts with sclerotherapy, which involves the injection of an agent with tiny needles to shrink the spider veins.* While sclerotherapy can be effective, some patients seek treatments without needles. CSI doctors are also experts when it comes to using non-invasive devices like the Excel V laser and Intense Pulsed Light to reduce the appearance of veins with virtually no down time and very little discomfort.* However, in order to be effective, leg vein treatments must be performed with utmost care, and in a way that takes the patient’s unique skin care goals into consideration.*

If you’d like to learn more about leg vein treatments in a personalized, one-on-one consultation, please schedule your appointment by contacting a California Skin Institute practice near you, or use the Contact Form to send us an email.

Excel V Laser for Leg Vein Treatment

The Excel V laser is one of several possible treatments for red and brown leg veins.* This state of the art device uses a green laser that can be calibrated to target blood vessels near the surface of the skin.* As the laser energy is delivered in short bursts, it is absorbed by blood vessels, which causes them to shrink.*

When considering the Excel V laser for leg vein treatment, it’s important to keep in mind that this procedure is effective for issues like spider veins, hemangiomas, and small varicose veins.* However, large, bulging varicose veins will need surgical intervention to be treated properly.*

Leg vein treatments with the Excel V laser are quite comfortable, and most patients easily tolerate the short burst of laser energy to the skin.* The blood vessels should disappear almost immediately after the treatment, and will eventually be removed by the body’s own lymphatic system.*

Due to the body’s ability to heal itself and sometimes re-open the treated blood vessels, a typical patient may need one or more follow-up leg vein treatments.*

Intense Pulsed Light for Leg Veins

Intense Pulsed Light therapy is another option offered by California Skin Institute for treating leg veins. This device is similar to a laser, like the Excel V, but is more versatile in the number of problems it can treat.*

The versatility of Intense Pulsed Light treatments comes from the fact that your provider can use a variety of filters to calibrate the light emitted by the device.* This is very important because different skin structures will absorb different wavelengths of light.*

When it comes to leg vein treatments, your California Skin Institute provider can use filters to deliver bursts of specific light wavelengths that will be absorbed by the veins and blood vessels.* The energy will cause the blood inside these veins to coagulate – a process that causes the vessel to become sealed off.*

In some cases, IPL treatments for leg veins may also cause the blood vessels to rupture under the skin, which will leave a small bruise. However, such bruises should resolve after several weeks and the original blood vessel will no longer be visible.*

VersaPulse Laser

The VersaPulse device is similar to the Excel V in that it also utilizes a green laser to seal off blood vessels.* The energy is absorbed by the structures within the vessel, which causes the blood to coagulate.* Thereafter, the body breaks down the vein and removes it from the treatment area over time.*

Leg Vein Treatment Results

Whether you undergo a leg vein treatment with the Excel V laser, VersaPulse or an IPL device, your body will need several weeks to heal.* There is no associated downtime, but some patients may experience soreness and general discomfort in the treatment area as the body enables an inflammatory response to heal the affected tissue.*

For some patients, the treatment may need to be repeated one or more times after the original procedure, to achieve the best cosmetic improvement.*

Your Leg Vein Consultation

The best way to select the right treatment for your leg veins is to schedule a personalized consultation with a California Skin Institute provider.* You can schedule your appointment using our online system, or you can call a practice near you. If you have any questions, you can also email us using the Contact Form.

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.