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Treating Body Acne

Posted on: July 31st, 2016 by California Skin Institute

Body acne is a very common skin condition that doesn’t get nearly enough attention in mainstream media. One of the reasons for this lack of coverage for this topic may be that people simply feel a little too embarrassed by the issue to discuss it, because it can have the misguided connotation with poor hygiene. However, many California Skin Institute patients who visit us for treatments are surprised to learn that hygiene plays only a small role in the development of body acne, and the issue isn’t really caused by poor grooming habits.* (In some cases it can certainly be due to an improper skin care routine that doesn’t utilize products with the right ingredients – but that different from poor hygiene.)*

The good news is that the expert providers at CSI have extensive experience helping patients treat body acne, and have many techniques to help you reduce breakouts.* Schedule your body acne consultation with us by calling a CSI practice near you, or use the online scheduling app now!*

Why Body Acne Forms

Just like facial acne, pimples on the body are caused by the clogging of pores. It’s an unfortunate side effect of the body’s self defense mechanism which produces sebum to trap harmful bacteria and lubricate hair strands.

In the case of acne, the hair follicle becomes clogged, which prevents the sebum from escaping to the skin surface. At the same time sebaceous glands continue to produce this oil, which causes sebum to continue building up under the skin. Unfortunately, this process creates a great environment for acne-causing bacteria to grow, as these microorganisms thrive on the oil secretions and the lack of oxygen.

If the body acne becomes severe, the bacteria will continue to multiply. This process leads to inflammation, as the bacteria break down the sebum and produce chemicals that cause inflammation, thus leading to inflamed acne, including papules and pustules.

Although the pore clogging is often a side effect of hormonal changes in the body (which affects the function of cells in the hair follicle), acne on the body can also be partly caused by the rubbing of clothing against the skin, which can further lead to pore clogging.

Body Acne Treatments

When it comes to treating body acne, California Skin Institute providers can use many techniques, many of which are also used to treat facial breakouts.*

  • Chemical Peels:  CSI patients routinely undergo glycolic acid peels for body acne.* Though this procedure is well known in facial applications, treatments with glycolic acid will also exfoliate the skin on the body and help clear out pores.*
  • Isolaz:  The Isolaz device utilizes broadband light waves to target acne-causing bacteria.* Treatment is administered via a hand piece that gently suctions the skin close to the light emitter, and delivers a burst of bright light to kill bacteria.*At the same time, the suction helps promote pore health by pulling some of the sebum out of the pores.*
  • Acne Extraction:  Some patients with body acne will benefit from professional acne extractions.* During this procedure, one of our expert aestheticians will manually unclog pores by removing sebum with special tools.* Extractions can significantly speed up the acne healing process.*
  • Antibiotics:  In some cases, a patient with body acne may benefit from the use of topical antibiotics.* The goal of this treatment is to kill acne-causing bacteria, as this will reduce inflammation and help the body heal the breakouts faster.*

Skin Care Routine Changes

To reduce occurrences of body acne, some patients may also benefit from medicated washes and creams.* For example, California Skin Institute’s Creamy BP Wash is formulated with benzoyl peroxide; an ingredient that targets acne-causing bacteria by saturating it with oxygen.*

For patients who need to treat a skin patch with recurring body acne, CSI’s Acne Pads can be a viable choice for at-home treatment.* These pads contain glycolic and salicylic acids, to remove excess sebum form pores.*

Of course, over the counter treatments may not produce the desired result for everyone, as each patient is different and faces a unique set of circumstances.* For body acne that is more severe, prescription strength topical medication, including retinoids, may be necessary.*

Taking the Next Step

The expert providers at California Skin Institute can help you treat and prevent body acne with a customized treatment plan that accounts for your unique situation.* Please schedule an appointment by calling a CSI practice near you, or use the online scheduling app!

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.