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7 Surprising Benefits of Upper & Lower Eyelid Lifts (Blepharoplasty)

Posted on: April 2nd, 2018 by Shany Batbold

Eyes. They’re often called “the windows to the soul.” But what if genetics or passage of time cause your eyelids — the “drapes” — to detract from the view? An eyelid lift, blepharoplasty, is a very common procedure that can help you look more alert and take years off of your appearance.* It removes excess fat, muscle and skin that is puffing out and weighing down on your upper eyelids. It also reduces puffiness and wrinkling of your lower lids that may project tiredness. It can also help soften fine wrinkles and lines in the eye area.

With your eyes being so central to how you perceive and are perceived, even minor alterations to the area can bring you big benefits — some of them unexpected!

#1 – Improved vision

In cases of extreme upper-lid drooping or puffiness, improving vision can be a major motivation for a patient to seek blepharoplasty. In the more common scenario of milder cases of heavy lids, patients may not give any thought to how a lift could affect the view, and your primary motivation may be aesthetic enhancement. However, even if you’re undergoing only a moderate procedure, you may still enjoy an expanded field of vision.*


#2 – Smoother forehead

If your upper eyelids feel heavy and encroach on your ability to see, you may have gotten into the habit of raising your eyebrows for a better view. This repeated action can contribute to deep furrows in the forehead. When you remove that extra weight through blepharoplasty, you may also eliminate the brow-bunching habit — and the forehead wrinkles that go with it!*


#3 – Fewer misunderstandings

Eyes are central to the way people “read” and engage with each other. If you’re going through life with eyes that make you look angry, sad or tired — even when you’re not — you could be giving off the wrong impression. For every “Are you angry/sad/tired?” that you hear, how many false assumptions are left unsaid? Upper and lower eyelid lifts can help align your facial cues with your internal state of being, enabling you to represent yourself to the world more faithfully.*


#4 – Brighter eyes

When extra skin and puffiness surround your eyes, they can inhibit light from reaching the irises that give them color. This can dull the look of your eyes. By “opening the drapes,” blepharoplasty allows more light to infuse your eyes, so they’re able to sparkle and look their brightest.*


#5 – More youthful eye shape

Over time, your eye shape can become more round and horizontally narrow. This is normally caused by changes to the lower lids. The skin becomes more slack and weighed down by pockets of fat, and there is stretching where the lids are attached. A lower lid lift can help remove that extra weight.*


#6 – Almond-shaped eyes too

Some Asian women may be concerned that an upper lid lift will mean giving up their natural skin folds. However, a good cosmetic surgeon will know how to reduce puffiness and sagging, while preserving epicanthic folds. No need to change your look or, for that matter, learn how to apply makeup to a whole new eye shape.


#7 – Reduced migraines

In addition to improved appearance, an upper eyelid lift may offer relief to some migraine sufferers.* In a small recent study, blepharoplasty that targeted specific nerves provided 90 percent of participants with a 50 percent improvement in their migraines. After one year, 51 percent of participants reported having no migraines at all. While the study has its weaknesses, headache relief could prove to be a nice side benefit for some migraine sufferers considering blepharoplasty anyway.*

Whatever your reasons for seeking blepharoplasty, you’ll see the best results with a highly qualified physician.* At California Skin Institute, the dermatologic surgeons, facial plastic, and plastic surgeons possess the surgical skill and deep knowledge of the underlying structures and interdependencies of your facial features. Our lower lid blepharoplasty technique, developed by Dr. Morganroth, utilizes two separate carbon dioxide lasers to create a scalpel-free lower lid eyelift that leaves no visible scars. Just as importantly, the CSI surgeons take their time, carefully listen to your concerns, and have an honest discussion with you about your personal surgery goals.

Let us help open your eyes to all the benefits that blepharoplasty can offer — both obvious and unexpected! Make an appointment with one of the specialized physicians at California Skin Institute to talk about upper and lower eyelid lifts and what could be the right solution for you.

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.